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Excessive or uneven gums get gold star treatment in Chicago, IL

Excessive Or Uneven Gums Treatment In Chichago Il The golden ratio is a special geometric formula called Phi. It appears naturally all around us, in the solar system, music, art, architecture, and proportions of the human body. Phi is often referred to as the “divine proportion” or “golden mean” because its unique balance is so appealing. Establishing the golden ratio is the real secret to smile perfection. Pleasing smile proportions can be flawed by excessive or uneven gums. Chicago, IL dentist, Dr. Theodore Siegel and the Big Smile Dental Team can give you a golden smile, with gum contouring.

Gummy impact

Too much soft tissue or an uneven gum line detracts from the straightest, whitest, evenly-spaced teeth.

The golden ratio assigns three important roles to the gums:
  • The gum line should follow the arc of the upper lip when you smile, not dip downward.
  • Gums should form a smooth crescent shape above each tooth, rather than giving a ragged appearance or a flat line that makes teeth look square at the top.
  • The length of each tooth should be symmetrically proportioned to complement the entire smile. That can’t happen when excess gum tissue hides too much of the tooth.

Gum lift

Technically called “gingivectomy,’ this procedure sculpts gums for a better-proportioned smile. With modern laser technology, gum lift:
  • Causes minimal discomfort.
  • Is quick.
  • Heals fast. The laser seals blood vessels, so there is little or no bleeding, and no need for sutures.
  • Provides immediate results. You see the difference when you look in the mirror.
  • Beautifully supplements other cosmetic treatments, such as dental veneers.

The skill, experience, and natural artistry of the dentist are vitally important in achieving healthy, attractive outcomes with gum lift for excessive or uneven gums. In Chicago, IL, you can trust the capable hands of Dr. Siegel for a gold star smile. Call 773-772-8400.

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