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WomanTension headaches are the most common and the least dangerous type. Physical or mental stressors set them off. They are usually treated with over-the-counter analgesics.

Migraine headaches result from abnormal brain activity – changes in blood flow and chemicals triggered by foods, environmental factors, and stress. Migraines are more debilitating, and often require prescription treatment.

Cluster headaches are serious and chronic. They hit suddenly, often during sleep, affecting one side of the head. They may be episodic (occur for a period of time then disappear) or recurring.

You wince, rub your neck, take a pill, or possibly lie down, but chances are you keep going even with that headache. Have you considered the negative impact headaches have on your life?
  • Performance. When your head hurts, or when you take strong meds, your brain doesn’t perform the way it should. Schoolwork is at a “C” level, rather than your usual “A+.” Your job assignments suffer; you avoid returning calls, and have difficulty focusing on details.
  • Relationships. You snap at your spouse, roll your eyes at the boss, or scream at your child because your head is thundering. They may be sympathetic at first, but eventually those incidents take a real toll on important relationships in your life.
  • Physical health. You don’t sleep soundly. You wake up with pounding in your temples and blurred vision – a horrible start to your day. You lose the game. You skip your gym workout because you feel rotten. You drink too much to take the edge off.
  • Self-esteem. You don’t see yourself as a person who needs prescriptions to get through the day or to sleep at night. You aren’t the guy with the round shoulders and an expanding waistline. You are calm and funny. You love your kids and enjoy romance with your husband. You are a safe driver.

You don’t have to let headaches control your life. Today more options are available than ever before, including medical, stress-relief, and dental alternatives. Talk with the compassionate professionals at Big Smile Dental for the answers you need.

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