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End The Pain: How Migraine Treatment In Chicago Can Help

Dental TreatmentHaving a migraine can be quite debilitating to your daily life. Some people miss work or school, can't participate in family or other social events, and some people even have to lay still in a quiet, dark room to get relief. What you might not know is that your dentist may be able to offer you effective migraine treatment. Whether you've been self-medicating and hoping for the best, or if you've tried another migraine treatment, don't give up hope.

How Do Dentists Factor Into Migraine Treatment In Chicago?

Many people in North America are plagued with migraine headaches, which often leave them incapacitated as they deal with the pain, blind spots, nausea, sensitivity to light, and other unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes taking a prescription medication can be effective migraine treatment, but what if there was a solution to take the headaches away altogether?

In many cases, many people do what is called, "nocturnal clenching," which is when a person clenches their teeth during the night while sleeping. It's not even necessarily a stress-related condition, but can definitely cause a person a significant amount of pain and inconvenience. The scientific explanation is that people who suffer from migraines have a hypersensitive response to the stimuli of the clenching, and their brains produce chemicals that inflame arteries and dilate blood vessels, causing head pain.

We can provide you straightforward migraine treatment to stop migraines where they began. We begin your migraine treatment by trying to assess where the pain is originating from, and why. In many cases, this results in the prescription of a dental device called an NTI-TSS.

How Does An NTI-TSS Provide Migraine Treatment?

The NTI-TSS is a device that fits between the front teeth of a patient. Essentially, it prevents the teeth from touching, thereby stopping the muscle contraction caused by clenching the teeth. When nocturnal clenching is the source of migraine pain, sufferers often experience sudden and amazing improvement in their pain level. It's an incredibly effective form of migraine treatment.

It's important to remember that if no migraine treatment is proving to be effective for pain relief, you should get a referral to a neurologist. Some migraines are symptoms of other neurological problems.

For More Information

For more information about migraine treatment in Chicago, call us at 773-772-8400. Learn more about the details of the procedure, or request an appointment for a consultation.

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