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An Educated Look at your Mouth

Dentist with a Patient The mouth is an amazing part of the human body. It not only constitutes a critical part of a person’s aesthetics, but it is also indispensable for eating and speaking, two of the most important functions that you perform. Did it ever occur to you that if you had no teeth, you would have to survive on a liquid diet? Without the tongue, there would be no tasting and no speaking. Without the lips, there would be no protection from infectious microbes entering the body.

The basic anatomy of the mouth includes the roof of the mouth known as the palate. The anterior portion is the bony, hard palate, while the posterior portion is the fleshy, soft palate. The uvula is a part of the soft palate that dangles at the rear of the mouth. The tonsils are placed on both sides of the uvula.

The top surface of the tongue has little projections known as papillae, which has the taste buds. The walls and the floor of the mouth secrete saliva, which helps in digestion. The lips are covered with outer skin, and mucous membrane on the inside. The inside portion of the lips is connected with the gums.

The teeth are probably the most important part of the mouth. There are several types of teeth that perform different functions. Incisors are the teeth located at the front and middle of the mouth. Along the sides of the incisors are the long and sharp canine teeth. Behind the canines are the pre-molar teeth. Molars are located after the pre-molars.

Every tooth is comprised of four types of tissues: pulp, dentin, enamel and cementum. The pulp includes the soft, inner part of the tooth. Dentin tissue envelops the pulp and is a hard, yellow material that makes up most of the tooth.

Dentin surrounds the pulp. A hard yellow substance, dentin makes up most of the tooth. It is the dentin that gives the tooth its slightly yellowish tint. Enamel is the hardest of all tissues in the body, and it envelops the crown. Cementum is also a hard tissue, and allows the tooth to survive the force of chewing and defends it against harmful bacteria, and is sensitive to temperature.

The mouth and the teeth perform a crucial role in food digestion. It is important to have a correct understanding of the mouth in order to take care of its vital parts, particularly the teeth and gums.

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