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Go ahead and grin with tooth colored fillings from Chicago, IL dentist

Tooth Color Fillings In Chicago Il If your car got scratched, would you have it touched-up with a different shade of paint? When you break a nail, do you have it fixed with a color that doesn’t match your manicure? Most people would rather NOT point out imperfections. Doesn’t your smile deserve the same attention? The Big Smile Dental team uses tooth colored fillings to keep your cavities our little secret. Many Chicago, IL smiles have this in common.

Do you look better in silver or white?

Amalgam fillings have been used in this country since the mid-1800s. They are strong and durable – and very noticeable. Many people with silver-colored fillings hold back a big smile or hearty laugh because they know the restorations are obvious.

If you prefer to have your smile noticed, not your dental work, tooth colored fillings are a great choice. The composite resin material is color-matched to blend beautifully with the shade of your teeth. It has a luminous quality, just like natural tooth enamel.

Quality meets style

Dr. Theodore Siegel is known as the dentist Chicago residents trust for good advice on dental care. He suggests tooth colored fillings for these additional benefits:
  • Mercury and metal free – For extremely low risk of allergic reaction or medical complications.
  • Gentle – Tooth colored fillings expand and contract at a rate similar to natural tooth structure, reducing risk of fractures. Plus, composite fillings are kind to opposing teeth.
  • Versatile – Modern composites are super strong, and suitable for any location in the mouth – even back molars subject to a great deal of bite force.
  • Long lasting – With good dental habits, tooth colored fillings last many years.
Anyone can get a cavity, but that doesn’t have to keep you from smiling. Call Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL for tooth colored fillings. The number is 773-772-8400.

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