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What to expect after a tooth extraction

Healthy Teeth and Dentist Mirror Extracting a tooth will obviously leave a hole in your jawbone. As time passes, this hole will gradually fill in with bone and ultimately become even and smooth with the adjacent jawbone tissues. It can take many weeks or months for this healing process to fully take place. However, from a practical standpoint, after one or two weeks, enough healing will have occurred that the extraction site will be of only minor inconvenience to you.

Pain, earaches, and swelling are normal problems patients experience after tooth extraction. Although you may not feel any pain while under anesthesia, you will feel uncomfortable when the effect of anesthesia wears out.

Consuming hot food or drinks while the numbness is still there, may burn your mouth or grind the inside of your cheeks. It can also influence your coordination and reasoning skills at least until the next day. On the other hand, it can be just a little lasting pain if the extraction was simple.

You can also expect some bleeding, which is quite normal. Your saliva can have a dash of blood for a few hours after the tooth extraction.

If needed, your dentist may put in some stitches, depending on the nature of the extraction. After the procedure, you will be given a piece of soft padding to bite on. This is to stop the bleeding. Thick bleeding, having dark red blood clots, or oozing may sometimes take place. In this case, make sure to apply more pressure to the extraction point. Keep changing the gauze, as having the same bit in place for too long could also disturb the blood clotting process. You will be given a pack of gauze if this happens. If gauze is unavailable, even a paper towel will serve the purpose.

Sometimes you need to put pressure right on the spot by biting for about forty-five minutes. If the bleeding still continues, call the dentist to make sure everything is okay.

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