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Periodontal disease - what is it?

Woman Smiling Periodontal disease which is also known as gum disease, is a serious infection caused by bacteria. Gum disease can damage the supporting bone and the attachment fibers which hold the teeth inside the mouth. If left untreated periodontal disease can cause tooth loss and may lead to heart-related problems such as stroke or artery blockage.


This type of gum disease refers to the early stages of gum disease. It is usually caused by poor oral hygiene which results in the buildup of tartar and plaque. Early diagnosis can pave way for the reversal and treatment of gingivitis. Swollen, puffy and red gums are some of the indications of gingivitis. A variety of factors contribute to this category of gum disease. A few factors which lead to gingivitis include stress, genetic predisposition, aging, smoking, diabetes, hormonal fluctuations and even certain medications. If it goes untreated it can lead to other types of gum disease.

Aggressive Periodontitis

This is a type of gum disease where the inflicted can experience painless inflammation and there maybe damage of the bone around the teeth. Many people tend to ignore painless bleeding of gums, seen after brushing teeth. However, this is one of the prime indicators of this variety of gum disease.

Chronic Periodontitis

This is a type of periodontal disease which causes inflammation in the attachment fibers and also damage in the supporting bone. This is characterized by recession or pocket formation of the gums. Chronic Periodontitis happens to be one of the most common varieties of gum disease. This type is very common among adults and can occur at absolutely any age. The progress of such disease is slow but there may bouts of swift progression suddenly.

Periodontitis as a Manifestation of Systemic Disease
This type of gum disease is often associated with other system diseases like diabetes. The latest research has shown a strong connection between the health of your mouth and the health of your body.

Necrotizing Periodontal Diseases

An infection which is denoted by the necrosis of gum tissues, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament is known as necrotizing periodontal disease. Such injuries are commonly seen in people who suffer from system conditions and other health conditions like malnutrition, immunosuppression and even HIV infections.

Aside from the seriousness of periodontal disease, there is a way out of it all. Make an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year and have a full check up done on your teeth. Going through regular checkups will assist in the timely detection of such periodontal disease and other problems which can lead to fatality.

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