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Chicago dentist explains how you can have new teeth in single visit with immediate dentures

Woman's Smile Close UpThe Big Smile Dental team understands you may be holding on to painful, infected teeth partly out of the fear of being seen without teeth. Don’t live in pain anymore, and know that you don’t have to be toothless for any period of time. The dentists can extract your teeth and place temporary replacement teeth all in a single visit, thanks to immediate dentures.

In the past if you had very few healthy teeth and needed dentures, you might have to go several months without teeth as your tissues healed following extractions. After swelling and other symptoms subsided, your permanent dentures would be placed.

With immediate dentures, a partial or complete denture is inserted during the same visit when your teeth are extracted. You never have to go out in public without teeth! While a big benefit, avoiding being toothless is not the only advantage associated with this instant gratification approach to dentures. For one, you are able to get accustomed to chewing, speaking, and generally functioning with dentures quickly. Another advantage? The denture can help expedite the healing process as it protects the tissues at the extraction sites and helps to minimize bleeding and other complications.

Unlike traditional dentures, immediate dentures will need to be relined after your tissues have healed. Essentially, the immediate denture is considered an interim prosthetic. During the healing process, the gumline changes and to assure proper fit it’s important to get a second set of permanent dentures.

Due in part to this additional step, immediate dentures generally cost more than their conventional counterpart but at Big Smile Dental this consideration should not be a barrier to your getting the treatment you desire. Big Smile Dental offers many discounts and limited-time offers. A variety of payment options, such as no-interest financing, may help ease financial obligations by stretching your balance over a year.

The dentists will discuss factors such as the number of teeth that can be extracted in a single visit, as well as if back teeth will need to be extracted during an earlier appointment and before the immediate denture is made for a better fit.

Visit Big Smile Dental’s Chicago office, and be sure to bring questions or concerns about immediate dentures with you. For scheduling, call 773-772-8400.

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