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Denture Repair is Too Expensive... Take Care of Your Specialty Dentures!

Elderly man Avoid the Need for Denture Repair

It takes time to get used to wearing dentures… and it's not uncommon for it to take somebody up to 2 months to adjust. Some may be required to wear dentures for a certain amount of time, without removing them, which allows your dentist to make any adjustments needed for the best fit, as well as to identify any pressure points to make dentures more comfortable to wear.

Specialty dentures are made of advanced materials which are designed specifically to give a natural appearance. Just like natural teeth, dentures should be taken care of properly, which means regular visits to the dentist and routine brushing every day.

It's important to keep specialty dentures clean of debris such as food particles and plaque. If specialty dentures are not taken care of properly, it can result in infections, irritation, and the need for you to repair your denture. Also, remember to soak specialty dentures in solution over night, which allows your gums to breathe while you sleep.

Here's some tips on how to take care of specialty dentures and avoid costly

There's more than one way to brush dentures, such as soap and water or a slightly abrasive toothpaste. There are even special denture creams and pastes available, so feel free to use the method that you are most comfortable with… just as long as you're doing it!

However, stay away from highly abrasive chemicals or pastes, and don't brush dentures vigorously or with hard bristled brushes. This can cause scratches or cracks, and then you will need denture repair.

To avid loosening a tooth, handle dentures carefully.

Hot water can warp dentures, but you can avoid this by using cool or tepid water to clean dentures over a sink filled with water. Another way to avoid the need for costly repairs is to place a small washcloth in the bottom of the sink, preventing damages in case they fall.

Ill fitting Dentures & Adjustments

Your mouth changes all the time, including the shape of your gums. After teeth have been extracted, your gums may shrink over time. It's important to have specialty dentures adjusted to fit properly and accommodate any gum or jaw changes, and to prevent sores or infections.

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