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The cost of beauty: Can you afford cosmetic dentures in Chicago?

Old man with smileAs dentists, we work very hard to keep everyone's teeth whole, healthy, and in place. More people than ever are keeping their natural teeth for life, but, unfortunately tooth loss remains very common. Maybe you lost your teeth long ago, maybe you suffered a dental injury, and maybe you've been too busy (we won't accuse you of avoiding us) for dental care – for a very long time. Whatever the circumstances, if your teeth are gone, or are so damaged that they have to go, it's time to think dentures.

First of all, you can quit thinking about the frighteningly large, plastic looking false teeth that you remember seeing on Grandpa's nightstand. Why did he refuse to wear them, anyway? In the past, dentures were just as uncomfortable as they were unattractive. There is no denying that the technology and materials have improved over the years. Today's dentures are more comfortable and more natural looking than in the past. However, not all appliances are created equal.

Even today, many false teeth look like false teeth, even if they aren't quite as bad as Grandpa's. If you have been considering upgrading to a cosmetic denture for a truly dazzling smile, you are probably dreading the price tag. We have good news for you – that million-dollar smile doesn't have to cost a million. In fact, the average cost of dentures in our office is only $1,500 to $3,000. The beauty of your smile does not reflect the price of the appliance; it reflects the cosmetic skill of your dentist.

At Big Smile Dental, we provide top quality, reasonably priced dentures – created by our nationally renowned cosmetic dental team. We use the scientific principles of smile design, combined with natural artistic talent to craft a perfectly proportioned, naturally brilliant smile. We work with a quality laboratory, using the latest materials to turn our design into a beautiful reality. A customized, precisely designed, quality appliance also results in a beautiful fit. Implants are available if you desire additional stabilization.

If you are tired of sloppy, unattractive dentures, rotting teeth, or no teeth at all, just give us a call at 773-772-8400, and let us give you something to smile about.

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5 star review by martha

Wonderful!! Always wonderful!! It's been 30 years now since we first came to Big Smile Dental. Every visit is always met with kind and courteous help at the front desk. I always feel very cared for and the care is gentle. I live 40 miles away from Logan Square now, but I still travel to see Dr. Siegel because I trust him as a person and as a professional. I trust my family to his care!
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