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Chicago dentists fit you with the best modern dentures to boost oral health, confidence

Woman Smile Close Up Your smile and dental needs are unique, so modern dentures in Chicago are not any one type of appliance or procedure.

Generally, there are four types of dentures:
  • Conventional – A full, removable option placed after remaining teeth are pulled and tissues heal
  • Partial – Dentures fitted to replace a few teeth
  • Immediate – Removable, inserted the same day teeth are pulled
  • Overdentures (or implant-supported) – Lab-made white teeth and pink plastic gum are stabilized over a few implants rooted in your jaw, a hybrid of conventional dentures and implants

To determine the best dentures option, the Big Smile Dental team will discuss many factors with you. For instance, implant-supported dentures and immediate dentures may cost more than other options, yet you have to consider their longevity. The added expense for the “hybrid” approach is mainly due to the cost of the implant (or “artificial tooth root”) itself, while the additional expense for immediate dentures is rooted in the need for 2 sets of dentures — for interim and permanent wear.

You may find the long-term benefits of implant-supported teeth outweigh the additional upfront costs, as this approach is widely considered the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth and it helps prevent devastating bone loss. Plus, modern dentures require a minimum number of implants to support a maximum number of teeth. You do not need to get an implant for every tooth.

You may also find considerable value in having immediate dentures. Not only do you get to immediately see a beautiful smile, but think of these dentures as “training wheels” for your permanent set. You get accustomed to wearing dentures, and learning how to chew and speak with them. An immediate denture also helps with healing. Since the shape, color, and arrangement of the teeth in your denture is based on your natural teeth, you end up with a permanent denture that boasts a lifelike appearance and function.

The dental team understands budget is a major consideration but never wants financial barriers to interfere with the care you want and need. For this reason, Big Smile Dental offers many ways to reduce the financial burden by working with insurance companies, and by offering flexible financing and discounts.

With modern dentures, you’ll be back to enjoying your favorite foods and speaking and smiling without pain, fear, and embarrassment in no time, but first you need to schedule an examination at the Logan Square office. Call 773-772-8400

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Wonderful!! Always wonderful!! It's been 30 years now since we first came to Big Smile Dental. Every visit is always met with kind and courteous help at the front desk. I always feel very cared for and the care is gentle. I live 40 miles away from Logan Square now, but I still travel to see Dr. Siegel because I trust him as a person and as a professional. I trust my family to his care!
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