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Making your smile whole again

Elderly Couple Is your smile missing something – like a few teeth? You’ve probably already figured out that this condition is inconvenient and embarrassing. It’s also unhealthy, if you’re having trouble chewing your food, it can interfere with good digestion. If you’ve decided to replace you missing teeth, you have several options: implants, bridges, full dentures, or partial dentures. Chicago residents will find all of these available at Big Smile Dental.

Dental implants are versatile, but they don’t actually replace teeth – they replace roots. You can get dentures or bridges and have them implant-supported. For a single missing tooth, you can have one implant topped with a porcelain crown.

Bridges replace one or more missing teeth in a row. Unless you get implants, bridges are supported by the neighboring teeth.

Full dentures replace every tooth in an arch (all of the uppers, or all of the lowers). This is a quick solution if all teeth are missing or damaged, and they can be made to snap right over implants.

Partial dentures are usually removable, and only replace some teeth. That means you don’t have to sacrifice any healthy teeth. We can replace only the missing or damaged teeth, without reducing and crowning the neighboring teeth.

What is the best option? The answer is different for everyone, but the excellent dentists at Big Smile Dental can help you figure it out. Implants are great for most people, because they are sturdy and permanent. They can save money in the long run, because they don’t need replacement every few years, like bridges can. For an immediate solution, with a smaller initial investment, some people choose partial dentures. They can easily be replaced with an implant-supported bridge later.

No matter what option you choose, you will be glad you decided to fill the holes in your smile. You can look better, feel better, eat more easily, and speak clearly! Your smile is an important social asset, and a reflection of your most positive emotions. When something is missing from your smile, something is missing from your life. Call Big Smile Dental today at 773-772-8400, and feel whole again!

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