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Be aware of signs of common dental emergencies for fast pain relief and treatment in Chicago

Tooth Extraction When in pain, the last thing you want to do is smile. Your emergency dentist in Chicago can get you back to smiling big in no time. Don’t hesitate to call 773-772-8400. There is no reason to suffer with pain when Big Smile Dental can offer pain relief and treat the underlying cause of your disruptive or debilitating symptoms.

Dental emergencies

Some dental emergencies may seem obvious. You knock out a tooth, you immediately turn to your dentist to replant that tooth – the sooner, the better.

Some dental emergencies, however, are not immediately apparent to the sufferer. For example, untreated decay and disease can progress to a serious infection such as a dental abscess. These infections can spread to other parts of the face and body and require a trip to the emergency room, as they can be life-threatening conditions.

The American Academy of Family Physicians notes dental decay and disease is an extremely common type of emergency. In a report on dental emergencies, they note 22 percent of the general population had orofacial pain and 12 percent had a toothache over a 6-month period.

Here are some things to be aware of, so you can avoid increasingly more painful and unpleasant symptoms and a trip to the emergency room:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures and sweet foods can be an indication of a cavity, a loose or broken filling, or gum damage that exposes a portion of tooth root
  • If it hurts when biting down on foods, you may be suffering from decay, a cracked tooth, or even damage to soft tissue at the center of the tooth
  • Deep decay and extensive damage to the center pulp can also produce lingering pain (more than 30 seconds at a time) after eating or drinking

These types of symptoms may require restorative procedures, such as a filling, root canal therapy followed by a crown, or extraction. The pain associated with habits like chronic teeth-grinding is usually dull and limited to the upper teeth and jaw.

Every patient is different, as is their experience and tolerance of pain. It’s important to regularly visit Big Smile Dental for check-ups and cleanings that can prevent these symptoms or catch potential problems early.

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