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Chicago dentist explains when a tooth may need emergency extraction

Tooth Extraction You and the Big Smile Dental team spend a lot of time trying to avoid extractions. Pulling a tooth should always be the last resort, especially since there are so many different treatments to save natural teeth.

Your Chicago dental partners understand a badly damaged or injured tooth can't always be saved. Dentists have a number of options that weren't available in the past to replace missing teeth. These options are designed to look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

The team also understands the need for extractions may arise from accidents or progressive pain that becomes unbearable after-hours. For this reason, the dentists offer emergency services. Call 773-772-8400 day or night for same day care.

Keep in mind, if it's an "emergency" to you then it's an emergency to Big Smile Dental's professionals. The sooner you visit the dentist, the faster you can get out of pain and avoid further complications.

Emergency tooth extractions in Chicago may be necessary for a number of different reasons.


Sometimes your mouth is too small for the tooth that is trying to break through gum tissue. In adults the most common example of this condition is wisdom teeth. These third molars often don't grow in properly. They can become impacted. Complications from impacted wisdom teeth include pain, damage to other teeth as the third molar pushes against the second molar, a fluid-filled cyst that compromises bone and nerves, and decay and gum disease caused as harmful bacteria and food debris get stuck in-between tissues and the partially-erupted tooth.


Your teeth are layered. Should progressive decay work its way through to the center or pulp of the tooth, you will know it. Pain can be quite severe by this time. Sometimes a pus-filled pocket develops. Your face may swell. You may suffer from bad breath and a foul taste. If allowed to progress without treatment, you can develop a systemic or whole-body infection. Dentists bring quick relief and avoid complications from potentially serious infections.


Most dental injuries are caused by chipping. Big Smile Dental can reattach the chipped pieces or bond natural-looking fillings and crowns to tooth structure. Should a crack extend from the crown to under the gumline it can't be saved with root canal therapy and will have to be pulled. These cracks can develop as the result of falls or sports accidents, or from progressive habits like grinding, clenching, and chewing hard objects.

What to expect

Extraction is a common procedure that can be done quickly and comfortably with the use of numbing and pain control medications. Follow all instructions given by your dentist to avoid rare risks, such as painful dry socket.

Generally, following treatment:
  • Bite firmly on gauze pads to control bleeding and prevent blood clots
  • Apply ice or cooling as directed to manage swelling
  • Limit intense activity in the 24 to 48 hours post-treatment
  • Don't drink from a straw, rinse or spit with force for 24 hours to prevent dry socket
  • Eat soft foods and slowly reintroduce solid foods as the site heals
  • Avoid brushing or flossing at the extraction site

Emergency tooth extractions don't have to be scary. Restore proper function and get back to your life by accessing Big Smile Dental's emergency services 24/7.

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