Chicago Dentist Offers Complete Dental Exam with Full Set of X-Rays for $1

Chicago dentist posits braces as an affordable alternative to future oral problems

Lady is wearing a brace

Can braces be affordable? Chicago dentist, Dr. Theodore Siegel urges you to consider the big benefits of straight teeth, and potential costs associated with crooked teeth, when making this determination. He explains how orthodontics can help to prevent dental problems that may cause much more expense (and discomfort) in time. More than just moving teeth Q . How do braces move teeth? A : Most people think teeth are simply pushed and pulled into alignment with braces, but orthodontics is a precise science that manipulates the concept of bone remodeling. Each tooth has a periodontal ligament with thousands of fibers … Continue reading

Dental implants: An affordable long-term tooth replacement solution in Chicago

Girl showing Dental Implant structure

Today’s dental patient is fortunate to have many treatment choices. As an ethical dentist, Dr. Theodore Siegel presents those options clearly, explaining procedures, benefits, disadvantages, cost, and longevity to help his patients make informed dental healthcare decisions that best fit their needs. This is especially important when replacing missing teeth. For many patients in Chicago, dental implants can be an affordable choice based on the long-term success rate. Understanding implants Q . What is the purpose of a tooth root? A : It takes your body 10 to 20 years to build an adult tooth from scratch, with the root … Continue reading

Pediatric dentistry in Chicago, IL isn’t just for babies

Dr. Theodore Siegel and his team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL welcome patients of all ages.

Dr. Theodore Siegel and his team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL welcome patients of all ages. They know that pediatric dentistry sets little smiles on a lifetime path to dental wellness. Focused care for kids, though, doesn’t stop when baby teeth come in. Big Smile Dental continues to address the unique needs of older children and teens to avoid dental issues that could follow kids for a lifetime. Kids and teens dental place It isn’t easy growing into adulthood. The years leading from primary school to maturity are filled with peer pressure and rebellious urges to establish identity. … Continue reading

What Chicago IL patients are asking: FAQ about veneers for teeth

Dr. Siegel is well-known for crafting some of the most beautiful and famous smiles in Chicago, IL with patients including beauty pageant winners and WWE superstar Summer Rae.

Big Smile Dental of Chicago, IL offers a full range of cosmetic dental services, from teeth whitening to full smile makeovers. One of our most requested procedures is porcelain veneers, though patients are often confused about exactly what they are and what sets them apart from other cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. Q . What can dental veneers do for me? A : Veneers can address virtually any aesthetic concern you have about your teeth. This includes covering whitening-resistant stains, improving shape, changing size, correcting an asymmetrical or disproportionate smile, closing gaps … Continue reading

Answering Chicago, IL parents’ questions about kids’ and teens’ dental services

Dr. Siegel and the team at Big Smile Dental offer services for kids, teens, and adults in Chicago, IL.

From kids’ birthday parties to teens’ graduation ceremonies, your baby’s journey to adulthood is documented in photos and fond memories of beautiful smiles. As a parent, you want to make sure those smiles stay happy – and healthy. Dr. Siegel and the team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago IL are here to help, with the dental services and answers you need. Q . Baby teeth are temporary. How important are they? A : One of the most common and dangerous myths about childhood oral health is that primary (baby) teeth don’t matter, because they will fall out anyway. However, … Continue reading

Chicago, IL questions about knocked out teeth: emergency dental service, first aid, and more

Dr. Siegel and the team at Big Smile Dental for advice they can trust and a consistently high quality of care they can count on.

When an emergency strikes, you need help – and answers – fast. Families in and near Chicago, IL turn to Dr. Siegel and the team at Big Smile Dental for advice they can trust and a consistently high quality of care they can count on. Here, we answer your questions about one of the most common types of dental emergencies: knocked out teeth. Q. I’m in pain, and I need help fast! Should I go to a dentist or the ER (emergency room)? A : That depends on the extent of your injuries. The ER is not the best choice … Continue reading

Chicago dentist helps patients without teeth make dentures last

Dr. Theodore Siegel, gets patients without teeth into great-fitting dentures with advice to help them last a long time.

Dentures represent a substantial investment of your money and time. For patients without any natural teeth, dentures also play a big role in enjoyment of life – smiling, laughing, singing, kissing, and eating with confidence. Once you get a great-fitting set of dentures that look beautifully natural, you want them to last. Dr. Theodore Siegel of Big Smile Dental in Chicago shares these tips for denture longevity. How dentures are made To understand how to care for and protect dentures, it helps to understand how they are constructed. In the past, dentures often had a metal frame with pink acrylic … Continue reading

Assessing the value of root canal dental treatment in Chicago

Dr. Siegel and his team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago to help you determine if a root canal is your best treatment choice.

When you have a bad toothache, it might be tempting to say to your dentist, “Just pull it.” Yet, you will never have the opportunity to get that natural tooth back. In most cases, root canal dental treatment avoids the need for extraction and keeps your beautiful smile fully functional. Dr. Theodore Siegel of Big Smile Dental in Chicago explains the procedure and the value it imparts. What to expect from root canal dental treatment in Chicago In the care of a skilled and experienced dentist, root canal therapy is virtually painless. With local numbing, modern instruments, and efficient techniques, … Continue reading

Dental veneers may be an alternative to orthodontics for patients in Chicago, IL

Dr. Theodore Siegel and his team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL can help, with the science and artistry of dental veneers.

Straight white teeth make a terrific first impression and give you the confidence to smile through job interviews, first dates, family reunions, and spur of the moment photo ops. If nature didn’t gift you with this attribute, Dr. Theodore Siegel and his team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL can help, with the science and artistry of dental veneers. Understanding dental veneers: Chicago, IL dentist explains the process Veneers have played a role in cosmetic dentistry since the late 1920s. Those blocky false fronts were adhered to the smiles of Hollywood stars, usually just long enough to complete filming. … Continue reading

Put a Big Smile on your face with cosmetic dental treatments in Chicago, IL

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Providing Cosmetic dental treatments in Chicago

Sixty-five percent of Americans are unhappy with their smiles, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the Consumer Guide to Dentistry. Are you one of them? If so, it’s time to talk with Dr. Theodore Siegel of Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL, about a smile makeover using the latest cosmetic dental treatments. For the past six years, Dr. Siegel has been selected as one of “America’s Best Dentists” by the National Consumer Advisory Board, a private research organization committed to helping consumers locate the best professionals across the country. Cosmetic dentistry not only makes you look and feel fabulous, … Continue reading

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