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Tips for Chicago parents: What to do when your child has dental pain

A Girl having Tooth ache Due to the concentration of nerves, a damaged or injured tooth has the capacity to cause severe pain. In fact, some might say there are few things worse than a toothache. However, what is even more painful than experiencing it yourself, is seeing your child suffer with dental pain. You want to put a stop to it, and fast. We understand, and we are here to help. Here at Big Smile Dental, we want to see big, happy, healthy smiles on the faces of every child in Chicago.
  • The first challenge is finding out exactly what hurts, especially with young children. A child might describe the pain as a toothache or point toward the teeth when the problem is actually a wound on the gum, a bruised cheek, or something similar. Sometimes you can easily discern the cause of the pain with your own visual examination, especially if it is a damaged tooth or injured soft tissue.

  • If the tooth is broken, or has a deep cavity, avoid foods that are overly hot or cold, as well as sugary or acidic ones. Instruct the child to chew on the other side of the mouth and then rinse promptly with tepid water after eating. Take him or her to the dentist as soon as possible, because this kind of dental pain will likely only get worse until the tooth is treated.

  • If there is no visible sign of damage, food may be lodged between the teeth. Ask your child to floss gently but thoroughly on both sides of the affected tooth.

  • If the child has suffered a fall, a sports injury, or other impact, the tooth may be damaged or it may simply be sore. If you see signs of injury, the pain seems disproportionate, or the toothache is persistent, see a dentist.

  • Minor soft tissue injuries typically heal without problem. Rinsing with tepid salt water can clean the wound and ease soreness. If the wound is severe, there are signs of infection, or it is not healing, visit a doctor or dentist. For severe injuries, especially if there is profuse bleeding, see a doctor right away.
If you have any questions or concerns, or you think your child may need dental treatment, please call our office right away at 773-772-8400.

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