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Childrens Dentist Chicago - Fear of the dentist – for kids in Chicago, it can be overcome

A kid in Dental Your instinct as a parent is to protect your child. You never want to see fear or pain in your little one's eyes. This can seem like a no win situation if he or she is afraid to see a dentist for kids in Chicago.

You know that without regular dental care from an early age, your child will be cursed with a lifetime of tooth decay, gum disease, toothaches, and all of the health risks associated with oral diseases. On the other hand, you know how your child reacts to the mere sound of a dental drill. You might feel forced to choose between happy or healthy. Choose both, and come to Big Smile Dental.

What causes dental fear?

If your child had bad experience with a dentist in the past, you probably expect some nervousness until he or she gets to know and love the friendly dentists at Big Smile Dental. What if there were no traumatic incidents or your child hasn't even seen a dentist yet?

The most likely reason for unreasonable fear is social influence. Kids like to tell stories, and the poor dentist is often cast as the villain. Additionally, many children are aware even some grown-ups are afraid of the dentist. With vivid imaginations, it's easy for kids to develop a very real fear of the dentist's office, the closet, or any other place deemed "scary."

Overcoming the problem

Childhood fears can turn into phobias in adulthood. However, the young mind is usually a lot better at adapting than an adult mind. With some help and patience on your part, and a dentist who knows how to connect with children, dental fear can be conquered.

You can help you child calm down by
  • Discussing dentistry – Explain that modern techniques are safe and comfortable, the tooth is numbed, and the dentist is gentle.
  • Make dentist day a fun day - Reward bravery and good behavior, for example with a movie or trip to the zoo - no candy, please.
  • Be patient - Give your child time and support to overcome fears.
  • Choose the right dentist - The most important step is finding a dentist your child will feel safe with - kids love the dentists at Big Smile Dental!
At Big Smile Dental, we want all of our patients, young, and old, to be happy and healthy. Bring your whole family, and we'll put beautiful, healthy, smiles on their faces!

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Wonderful!! Always wonderful!! It's been 30 years now since we first came to Big Smile Dental. Every visit is always met with kind and courteous help at the front desk. I always feel very cared for and the care is gentle. I live 40 miles away from Logan Square now, but I still travel to see Dr. Siegel because I trust him as a person and as a professional. I trust my family to his care!
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