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How to find the best dentist for kids in Chicago

Smiling Girl Raising children is the most rewarding, and challenging, experience of your life. The decisions you make now could affect your child for the rest of his or her life. That’s a heavy responsibility, and many of those decisions are tough. Fortunately, one choice is easy – the best dentist for kids in Chicago is right here at Big Smile Dental. In fact, we have a whole team of them! How can you be sure? There are two vital factors to consider, and we excel in both.


The dental care your child receives now can have an impact on his or her oral health for years to come. The award winning dentistry of Dr. Siegel and his team will ensure your child receives the highest level of care possible. We use the latest technology to take X-rays with 90 percent less radiation, detect cavities early, and let you see the condition of your child’s teeth with intraoral cameras.

We believe preventative care is the best line of defense. Regular teeth cleanings, fluoride treatment and sealants as needed, along with good oral hygiene at home can prevent many childhood cavities. If they develop anyway, finding them early means they can be filled before a significant amount of tooth is lost.


Many professionals, dentist included, forget that kids are people too. They deserve respect; their questions and concerns are important. At Big Smile Dental, we don’t forget to think about how our smallest patients feel, because we never forgot how it feels to be a kid!

With the long list of dentists’ credentials, awards, media coverage, and praise from our patients, you might expect to find an office filled with lofty ego-maniacs, looking down their noses at you and your family. Not here, you won’t! We take our work, and our patients wellbeing seriously. But we don’t believe that being consummate professionals should take the fun out of life. After all, we’re in the business of smiles, and we practice regularly. With the upbeat atmosphere, comfortable facilities, and world-class dental experts, who happen to be kids at heart – your child’s visit can be fun, not frightening!

You want your child to be healthy and happy, so choose the dental professionals who share that goal. Bring you whole family to Big Smile Dental – the best dentist for kids (and adults) in Chicago, IL.

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