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Fluoride Treatments - Does your child need them?

A Girl Brushing her Teeth Fluoride is a useful tool in the hands of the knowledgeable and careful user. It provides a measure of protection to the dental enamel by making it more resistant to acids and other substances that cause tooth decay; fluoride has become acceptably integrated into almost every brand and variety of toothpaste and mouthwash on the market today.

Dentists also recommend the use of fluoride for the protection and maintenance of teeth for people of every age. You can have a special fluoride treatment in the form of a varnish, foam or gel applied on at a dental office, where your teeth will be cleaned of stains and impurities before the dental fluoride treatment is applied.

These externally applied fluoride treatments are nevertheless impermanent. The common understanding is that for fluoride to be of real value as a treatment it must be ingested in to the system in the form of supplements.

By the use of fluoride supplements the tooth composition is changed and fluoride becomes a part of the enamel before it emerges. Fluoride supplements can then be of no benefit over twelve years of age, since the formation of the tooth inside the jaw is completed and the teeth have emerged out of the gum by this age.

The de-mineralization process that takes places in the dental enamel crystals is repaired by the presence of substances such as fluoride, phosphate and calcium. Fluoride is then recommended to be introduced in a young child’s system by the habitual intake of both supplements and fluoride treated water – which is readily found in most States.

At this point it must be mentioned that a vital consideration that must not be neglected is that fluoride is a toxic substance. Quantities that should be absorbed have to be minimal and carefully controlled to prevent other complications and side effects which could emerge as far down the road as in your middle age, owing to the ingestion of fluoride in to your system when you were a child.

Therefore it is imperative that you study the subject, the product that you have been advised to use, the percentage of fluoride it contains and other relevant and pertinent factors before you decide to launch out on a program for your child. It is suggested that the retention of as little as two milligrams a day could result in seriously crippling fluorosis somewhere down the road of life.

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