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Group of Kids Your little one is the greatest treasure, and the greatest challenge, in your life. Some days can be especially challenging, like dental appointments. If your child dreads going to the dentist, so will you. Are you tired of the temper tantrums, arguments, and little eyes that say "liar" when you say how nice the person with the drill is?

Many parents face these issues, and find different (not always advisable) ways to handle it:
  • Some parents turn to a sedation specialist to calm their child.
  • Some parents avoid dental visits, setting the child up for a lifetime of oral health problems.
  • Some parents turn to a hair restoration specialist for treatment of self-inflicted baldness.
  • If these options aren't right for you, try the solution that has worked for parents across Chicago. Find a dentist your child will love!

At Big Smile Dental, we make dentistry fun. Our office is comfortable and welcoming, with a play area for children. We treat our patients like family, and the little ones are our favorite family members! We are in the business of creating healthy, beautiful smiles and we like to see them. We have found the perfect smile recipe: blend exceptional dentistry skills with a sense of humor and warm compassion. Presto – happy patients, giggling children, relaxed parents...

When your little has friends at the dentist's office (and finds out the person with the drill really is nice) he or she can look forward to visits. So can you. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of choosing a pediatric dentist your child likes is communication. Unfortunately, some adults don't take time to listen to children. We encourage your child to take an interest and be proactive in his or her own oral health.

Lifelong oral health habits are often established at an early age. Patient education is an important part of preventive care, especially with children. We want to help your child learn to establish good habits and take pride in his or her smile.

The best pediatric dentist is the one who puts a big, healthy smile on your child's face – and that is our goal! Call 773-772-8400 today and schedule an appointment for your child, and yourself, at Big Smile Dental.

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  • I have been to The Big Smile Dental for 30 years plus... ~ Eleonor .A .P
  • Continuously Good Service ~ Jemeka C Burroughs
  • Best Dentist in Chicago ~ Sammy
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  • Excellent! ~ Kinna
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