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Amazing results that look amazingly natural: You'll love your smile after Chicago veneers

Perfect Smile With long Time Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular dental procedures available. They are a faster solution for mildly crooked teeth than orthodontics. They require much less tooth alteration than crowns. They are more durable than resin bonding. And, for some odd reason, it seems that root canals and extractions have never been contenders for the "most popular" title.

The greatest benefits of veneers could be summed up in a single word, and that is versatility. Although veneers aren't a good solution for badly damaged teeth and oral health concerns, they can fix virtually any cosmetic problem you might have. They are commonly made from dental porcelain or resin. The best choice is porcelain due to its incredibly natural appearance, longevity, and stain resistance.

How it is done

Veneers can transform your smile in three simple steps:
  1. Design – Our team of cosmetic dentists have the artistic ability needed to design an absolutely stunning smile. Equally important, they listen and care what you want, so your smile is tailored to your style.

  2. Preparation – Depending on the design, we might need to shave off a little tooth enamel to ensure a perfect fit. Impressions are taken and sent to a top-quality dental laboratory.

  3. Final placement – Once your brand new veneers are ready, we will arrange your next appointment. After checking to make sure the appearance and fit are just right, your dentist will bond them in place and use a curing light to harden the cement.
After veneers

The entire process typically takes less than a month. Once your final appointment is complete, you will walk out of our office with a brand new smile. What's next? Veneers are low maintenance, but they do need the same care as untreated teeth, and you'll want to avoid biting down on anything extremely hard.

Some of the most common side effects experienced by our patients include:
  • Spontaneous tears of joy when looking in a mirror
  • The uncontrollable urge to smile at strangers
  • Elevated levels of confidence
  • Sudden increase in social activity
Are you ready to find out what life is like with a dazzling smile? Call and schedule an appointment at Big Smile Dental today.

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