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Endodontist Root Canal Chicago - How to stop abscesses in Chicago, IL – root canal therapy

Smiling Woman Nothing can ruin you day, your mood, and your ability to enjoy eating faster than a toothache can. The pain is magnified many times if the tooth is abscessed. Your face can feel like an abscess, besides making you look like a chipmunk. Above and beyond being painful, this can get dangerous, an abscess is a pocket of infection, which can spread. We can give you antibiotics, and drain the infection if needed, but that won't stop it from coming back. To end abscesses forever in Chicago IL, root canal treatment will probably be needed.

An abscess is an infection that usually starts in decayed tooth tissue and spreads, not just to pockets, but inside your tooth as well. Your teeth have roots, buried beneath the surface of the gumline. Like hidden tunnels, these hollow chambers (called root canals) provide a safe, protected home for nerves and sensitive tissue. When harmful bacteria invade and take up residency in these root canals, they form a thriving colony that you can't evict.

Infection in the root canal lays in wait, multiplying its forces and launching repeated assaults in the form of toothaches and abscess pockets. Even when you think it is over, the enemy has just retreated to the safety of the root canal chamber to begin regrouping. The dentists at Big Smile Dental can put an end to this cycle of recurring pain with a root canal procedure.

This simply means numbing the area, drilling down to the root canal, and removing all of the infection, bacteria, and damaged tissue. Once this is done, the canal will be sealed off so there can be no future invasions. Because the pressure is relieved, the sensitivity to pressure or extreme temperature is relieved. The final step is usually placing a crown over the tooth, so it looks and works as good as new.

Don't you think it's time to end the chipmunk cheeks, lumpy gums, and toothaches forever? Come to Big Smile Dental and let us get the hidden enemies out of your mouth!

Root Canal Therapy

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