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How your Chicago dentist performs a root canal

Beautiful Smile with TeethYou probably think that you know exactly how a root canal is done. First, we prepare our best medieval torture chamber, and wait for the victim to arrive… Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. At least we hope you don't actually think we have a torture chamber in our office, but many people are convinced that a root canal is the equivalent. In reality, the frightening myths and tales surrounding this procedure couldn't be farther from the truth. Let us shed some light one of the darkest fears in dentistry.

No, it doesn't hurt

Root canal therapy is a straightforward, predictable, and effective solution to a very painful problem. Right in the center of every tooth is a soft core called dental pulp. The tooth is supposed to protect it, but teeth aren't invincible. Injury, cavities, or anything else that damages a tooth can damage the pulp or leave it vulnerable to infection. Since nerves are part of the pulp, when it has a problem it has a problem, you typically feel it. A root canal procedure relieves the pain, or prevents it if your dentist discovers the problem before symptoms develop.


What happens during a root canal procedure?
  • First, we completely numb the tooth, ruining the pain and misery that most patients expect.

  • Next, a small opening is created in the upper part of the tooth.

  • Specially designed tools are used to remove infection and damaged tissue, including the numbed nerve.

  • The canal is sterilized, to eliminate any bacteria that may be hiding in there, hoping to cause another infection.

  • Next, we spoil the bacteria's plans again, by sealing off the canal to keep them out, and then repairing the tiny access opening in the tooth.

  • The final step is putting a crown on the tooth. Although this is not strictly required, it is usually recommended because treated teeth can become brittle. A dental crown fits over the tooth like a cap, and protects it like a tiny porcelain hardhat.
Are you suffering with the very real pain of a bad tooth because you are avoiding the mythical pain of root canal? That doesn't make much sense, does it? End the vicious cycle, and get on with the business of enjoying your life. Call Big Smile Dental today at 773-772-8400, and let us help.

Root Canal Therapy

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