Angelina - Root canal therapy, composite restorations, no metal crowns periodontal therapy

Before and After - Angelina
Angelina was not happy with her smile but she first needed a lot of work to get her mouth to a healthy state. She had badly decayed teeth broken down fillings, poor fitting crowns and some periodontal issues. Good dentistry starts with a good foundation. You wouldn't build a building on quicksand. I first had to fix the teeth that were savable and get her gums in shape. Due to the amount of money required to do the work right Angelina had to extend her treatment over many years, which is something a lot of my patients have to do. It's very difficult for most people to come up with that kind of money right away. Angelina and I set up a plan where we would start on the teeth that needed the most work first, saving one tooth at a time. Slowly but surely she stayed the course and now has a beautiful, healthy, smile that should last a lifetime.