Bethany - Hand crafted composite veneers

Bethany  - Before and After
This patient was so embarrassed about her smile that she would not let me use her real name or her full face in the pictures. She works with small children in the Chicago Public School system.

Well, you know how innocent and honest children can be. They would ask her what was wrong with her teeth and why she doesn’t fix them. My patient would hide her teeth whenever she could and when she needed to laugh she would put her hand over her mouth. And as I’ve said before, pictures were out of the question.

The best way to correct her problem was with braces and porcelain veneers. But time and money were a problem. She wanted to look better right away and could not afford the veneers.

She compromised and allowed me to hand craft veneers made out of a composite material instead of porcelain. The procedure was painless (no shots were necessary) and everything was completed in one visit.