Eric T. - Crown

Eric T - Before and After
Eric felt his smile was holding him back. Veneers would not work because many of his teeth had large old restorations in them. Full crowns were what were needed to restore his smile. Eric was nervous about how the final teeth would look. So I prepared a mock-up of his teeth that he could look at and hold in his hand before we started. Once Eric approved the set-up we began treatment. The temporaries I made while waiting for the lab to finish the crowns were an exact duplicate of the mock up that he approved. And of course I made his temporaries much lighter than the color of his original teeth so he could evaluate both the color and the shape that his new crowns would soon be. Eric did not ask for any changes and he was very happy with how they looked. I sent the mock up back to the lab so they could duplicate what I already placed in Eric's mouth.

"This man is an artist and craftsman without the pretense that you normally get with other dentists, I recently had six crowns completed and was very nervous. The whole process exceeded my expectations. I wish I had found this place years ago but better late than never. I am a consultant and salesman and was unhappy with my smile, Dr. Siegel and the staff are very kind and non-judgmental and I would recommend this place to anyone looking to improve their smile and life. I would never had taken this picture and posted it to facebook without this new smile. Thanks big smile dental! " Eric T.