Issac- Braces

Issac - Before and After
To say Issac was not very happy with his smile would be an understatement. His two teeth (his laterals) next to his front teeth (centrals) were crowded inside behind his teeth. His canines or “eye teeth” had moved forward where the crowded out teeth should have been. When he smiled “it just looks wrong", he said. Veneers would have been very difficult here for many reasons and still I would have had to remove two teeth from his upper jaw.

Wisely Issac opted for braces. The first premolars on both sides had to be removed (the fourth tooth back on each side). Next, I had to bring the canines back into the space of the premolars to make a space for his lateral to fit. It took a while but finally all of his teeth were in the right places. “This was life changing” said Issac, "I now have a smile I can be proud of. Thank you Dr. Siegel”