Jasmine – Porcelain Veneers and a gum lift

Before and After - Jesmine
When Jasmine first came to me, she was wearing Invisalign braces for two years with another dentist and was not happy with the way her teeth looked. I thought I could have taken over the Invisalign case and make it work but Jasmine said she wasn’t happy with the shape of her teeth (Invisalign can’t change the shape of teeth) or her gummy smile. Jasmine insisted on eight veneers.

She did not have to bleach her teeth because the veneers went far enough back that I didn’t have a problem selecting a shade she liked (in most cases this is the best number of veneers to place in order to get the best results). Because Jasmine wanted an “extreme” makeover, I was able to bring the back teeth out farther to give her a broader smile. I threw in a little gum surgery to alleviate her gummy smile. For the first time Jasmine’s pictures show a full broad beautiful smile.