Julie - Porcelain Veneers and Bleaching

Julie - Before and After
Julie felt that her smile was too pointy and wanted a broader, wider smile. She also wanted her teeth to be as white as possible. First I bleached her teeth so her lower teeth would match her top teeth. I then made her temporary veneers for her teeth so she could see the color and the shape of what her final veneers would look like. Julie wanted her front teeth longer so I modified her temporaries making them slightly longer. Her teeth looked great longer. The only problem was she was now having trouble speaking clearly and was lisping. She did not have a problem speaking with the original temps. I was able to make her teeth slightly longer than the original temps and shorter than the modified temps and her speech came back to normal. As I said earlier Julie wanted her teeth to be as white as possible. So I had her veneers made in the lightest possible shade (010). I’m usually uncomfortable making veneers that light but Julie insisted. Not every one can have teeth that white but Julie was able to pull it off. Her smile is now stunning.