Ken - Bridges, crowns, implants, periodontal surgery, composite restorations, flipper

Before and After - Nidia
Ken had extensive dental treatment in the past but was still unable to chew and digest food properly and he was unhappy with his smile. The first thing I did was stabilize his bite (give the back teeth a place where Ken could chew food and rest his jaw muscles comfortably). Some of his back teeth were broken down so badly that in order to place crowns properly periodontal surgery was necessary. I tried to adjust the old flipper (a partial denture that can be removed from his mouth.) he was currently using but with his bite now established a new flipper was in order. (The flipper was necessary to replace the missing teeth until I was able to restore his implants.) Ken wanted a whiter and more youthful smile. Three crowns and three implant crowns were made several shades lighter than his original teeth. I then cemented them all into place at the same time in the front of his mouth. Ken was finally to get rid of the removable flipper.

"Dr. Siegel saved me."