Rainaldo- Braces, Whitening

Rainaldo - Before and After
Rainaldo had basically the same problem as Tom did (he didn’t like the gap between his two front teeth). I did a mock up for veneers on his front four teeth. The mock up looked great. I explained the positives and negatives of both veneers and braces. In addition to wanting to change his smile, Rainaldo’s back teeth were rotated and not perfect. He wanted to think about. To my surprise again and five months later Rainaldo said he wanted braces.

Luckily, I did not have to remove any teeth. Several teeth on the bottom had to be “slenderized “and the back premolars needed to be de-rotated. In a little less than a year, his teeth were in a good position and his smile looked great.

Most orthodontists will tell you it’s easier to move the teeth to the right place than to keep them where you want them. I knew that Rainaldo’s front teeth were going to want to open up the space in the middle of his mouth again. The best way to stop this from happening is with two retainers. First a permanent retainer behind his four front upper teeth and then a removable retainer that goes over the permanent retainer. Rainaldo has to wear the removable retainer at night. The removable retainer also doubles as his take home bleaching trays.