Tom – Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening

Tom - Before and After
Tom came to me because he did not like the space between his two front teeth. He was undecided on which was the best way for him to correct the problem. His choices were braces or veneers. He was leaning towards braces but wanted to see a mock-up of how veneers would look. I proceeded to do the mock up for him. In Tom’s case his mock up consisted of me placing a restorative material on his four front teeth and taking photos so he could view the changes later. Tom’s two front teeth were close to the right size or a little wide but the teeth next to them were definitely to narrow.

To my surprise (and two months later), Tom decided to have four veneers placed. First, he whitened his teeth with BriteSmile in-office whitening and take home trays. The trick was now to close the space in the middle and not make his two front teeth wider. With creative preparation of the four front teeth, I was able to actually make the two front teeth slightly smaller and appear to be centered perfectly. Widening the teeth next to them was easy. “I made the right decision,” Tom told me “I’m very happy with my new smile and it only took two visits”