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The future has arrived in Chicago IL – teeth whitening goes high tech

Teeth Whitening So, you want a brighter, whiter smile? If this were a sci-fi movie, set in future times, your dentist would zap the stains with a laser gun and presto – instant sparkling smile. Actually, this futuristic scene is happening right now, in Chicago IL. Teeth whitening procedures at Big Smile Dental are performed using a laser, and the results are dramatic!

In reality, there is a little more involved than evaporating stains with a laser – but not much. The procedure begins with a protective guard being placed in your mouth, and a special gel applied to your teeth. No, the laser is not harmful, but the whitening gel would cause mild irritation to your gums if it contacted them. Your lips are coated with petroleum jelly, or a similar moisturizer, to keep you comfortable. Next comes the most powerful weapon against stains known to dentistry – the laser beam!

There is a reason laser technology captures the attention and sparks the imagination of children, movie producers, and scientists alike. It is essentially just a ray of light – targeted, amplified light, which is powerful enough to be a military weapon, and precise enough to be a medical instrument.

All teeth whitening systems use a bleaching agent. Over the counter kits include a very mild whitening solution. Professional whitening procedures use a much stronger formula. Even these powerful bleaching agents have limited whitening capabilities, without the help of a laser. How does a laser zap those stubborn stains? Basically, the same way lasers eliminate the enemy in your favorite futuristic action movie!

The lasers used in your dentist’s office are much gentler than what you envision as weapons; they will not harm you or your teeth. However, they do create intense heat – which is exactly what is needed to activate the power of the whitening gel. When heated properly, the special ingredients in laser activated whitening systems can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in a single office visit. Heating the gel by any other means would risk burning soft tissues, and certainly make the visit uncomfortable. Precision lasers provide just the right amount of heat, exactly where it is needed!

If you are ready to win the war against discolored teeth, come to Big Smile Dental, where Dr. Theodor Siegel and his team can zap those stains with advanced teeth whitening!

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