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In office Rembrandt teeth whitening- How does it work?

Smiling Woman While all products marketed by Rembrandt render dramatic results; the in-office treatment excels on many levels. It is a professional tooth whitening process carried out by your cosmetic dentist who incorporates the use of a "Sapphire" Plasma Arc Light, and a specially formulated Rembrandt Lightening Plus gel in mint and tropical fruit flavors that contains whitening ingredients and a desensitizing agent and the Rembrandt Whitening Crystal. In addition to this, the beautiful smile you get after receiving treatment in- office is much whiter and lasts longer than the at-home alternative.

The procedure allows great flexibility as proven by independent clinical studies, so treatment can be varied to suit your individual needs. You can choose between a high strength fast-acting gel, and a low-strength slow acting gel. Both approaches are extremely safe and effective, and the best choice for you will depend on your oral condition. All teeth can be bleached at the same time, or one at a time and treatment can be continued for thirty minutes to get up to seven shades of whiter teeth, or for an hour to transform your smile to a shade that's up to twelve times brighter and dazzling.

Upon basic preparation of your teeth to receive treatment, which includes cleaning to remove debris that will hinder the whitening process, the bleaching gel is applied to the surface of your teeth. Then, the whitening lamp is directed towards your teeth and the power light is focused. The light does not contain Ultra Violet rays, so there is no damage to you. When the light hits the gel, the whitening agents get activated and they penetrate your teeth working in conjunction to effectively break up stains and discoloration caused by drinking coffee or smoking.

You see amazing results immediately after treatment is concluded with the application of fluoride to prevent dental caries and demineralization. To further protect and maintain your new stunning smile, you will be given the Sapphire after Care Kit, which includes Sapphire Brilliance toothpaste and Sapphire Home Whitening.

Recommended by more than seven hundred American dentists, the Rembrandt One Hour Whitening Program is not known to produce any side effects, and is widely implemented in office by cosmetic dentists. The products are of superior quality and are absolutely safe to use, even if you've got sensitive teeth. A radiant, twelve shades whiter smile will lift your spirits and dramatically improve your appearance. Try the Rembrandt in office whitening treatment; you'll love your smile!

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