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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Bright Smile In the last few weeks, I’ve told you how you can get a celebrity smile using veneers and Invisalign braces, but those aren’t the only cosmetic dentistry procedures the celebrities use to get a perfect smile. It’s almost a given in Hollywood that all celebrities visit their cosmetic dentist every once in a while for a little smile brightening. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and George Clooney don’t have those dazzling smiles by accident and there’s no reason that these bright, white teeth should only be available to those in Hollywood.

Are You A Good Candidate For Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is ideal for anyone who wants a brighter smile. It’s not unusual for our Chicago dentistry patients to come in with teeth that have turned yellow from years of tobacco use or drinking things like coffee, tea, red wine or sodas. They may think they’re stuck with dingy teeth forever, even after giving up everything that stains teeth.

Even if you consciously avoid potentially staining drinks and tobacco, it’s normal for teeth to darken with age. This can happen, even with the best care, because the enamel on your teeth wears down and becomes thinner with age. A thinning enamel means almost everyone can benefit from a little tooth whitening.

What To Expect

Many people come in to see us after they’ve tried at home tooth whitening products. While these whitening strips and trays commonly available at drugstores can be a good start, they don’t compare to the types of cosmetic dentistry tooth whitening we can offer. Our new BriteSmile technology allows you to come in and leave in an hour with a whiter, brighter smile, whether your teeth are stained from age or environment.

If you don’t have the time to spend an hour in our chair, our at home bleaching products can give you the same results, all in the comfort of your own home. Come and see us, and we’ll create some custom bleaching trays for you to take home that are specially designed for your mouth. Whether you’re looking to bleach your teeth in our office or at home, whiter teeth are only a phone call away.

How Long Will Tooth Whitening Treatment Last?

The Big Smile Dental Chicago Dental Team

Your new celebrity worthy smile should last several years, though the exact time will depend largely on your lifestyle. This cosmetic dentistry procedure isn’t permanent, but you can prolong your smile by limiting staining drinks like coffee, tea, red wine or soda, quitting smoking or using chewing tobacco and visiting your cosmetic dentist twice a year for a checkup. We also offer special product packages that are specially designed to help maintain your new smile.

A beautiful, bright smile doesn’t have to be limited to those with a Hollywood address. Your smile makeover begins with a visit to your cosmetic dentist in Chicago!

How Power Whitening Works

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