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Solutions for teeth that resist whitening in Chicago, IL

Beautiful woman Smile For most people, professional teeth whitening is fast, effective, and easily maintained. Of course, household bleach is fast and effective for removing most stains from white linen, except when you spill red sauce on your mother-in-law's holiday tablecloth. Just like linen, teeth sometimes get stubborn stains. Don't worry; no stain will get the best of the team of cosmetic dentists at Big Smile Dental.

Professional strength treatment

If over-the-counter whiteners have failed you, don't feel alone. Some of the products available have little or no actual bleaching power, and they aren't as strong as professional products. We offer several different systems, and we can help you choose the one that's best for you.

Internal bleaching

Standard teeth bleaching is great for stains caused by something that contacted the surface of your teeth, often caused by dark colored foods and drinks. With this type of staining, all of the teeth usually darken, and it happens gradually. If you have a single tooth that became extremely dark, the cause is probably in the middle, not on the surface. This often happens following a root canal treatment or an oral injury. The breakdown of tissue inside of the tooth causes this type of stain, and it needs to be bleached from within. In this procedure, the whitening solution is sealed inside of the tooth for several days, gradually dissolving the stain.

Porcelain veneers

Some stains just can't be bleached from the inside or the outside. Then again, maybe your teeth aren't stained at all. Some people have a naturally darker tooth color. If we were talking about tablecloths, we'd have to throw out the ones that wouldn't bleach, and buy new ones. Luckily, we have better options for teeth. Gorgeous porcelain veneers can make it look like you got brand new teeth, without making any major changes to the actual tooth structure.

Don't give up on having the brilliant smile of your dreams, and don't underestimate the power of award-winning cosmetic dentists armed with advanced technology, beautiful dental materials, and a commitment to helping you love your smile. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Why not start it with a smile? Take the first step and call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 to schedule your cosmetic consultation.

How Power Whitening Works

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