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How long do the results of a teeth whitening treatment last?

Smiling Girl Many people are extremely concerned about how long the results of the teeth whitening treatment will last. While people don't have large expectations for home kits, a teeth whitening treatment at the dentist's office is quite a large investment making it important for them to weigh out the results before making the commitment.

The initial results can actually be quite surprising; there is potential for a change in the color of the tooth from anywhere between six to ten shades. However potential patients like you are probably keener about knowing whether the results will last before they go through the procedure and other preliminary work before committing to the treatment.

The teeth whitening process can take comprise of one to thirty minute sessions in which the bleaching gel is washed away and then reapplied. The teeth will undoubtedly get whiter every time the paste is applied and they go through the whitening treatment. However, the duration of the results largely depends on a variety of variables. Also it is important for patients to strictly follow any after care instructions provided by the dentist. If you follow these instructions, you can probably expect a lifetime of whiter teeth.

The important thing is for patients to make sure that they avoid staining foods and other habits which will again discolor their teeth. A whitening treatment does not guarantee that your teeth will never get stained again. The purpose of the treatment is to simply remove the stains and discoloration and not to protect it from the stains. Stay away from staining foods such as tea, coffee or fizzy drinks, gravies and even sauces as they tend to discolor the teeth depending on how frequently you have them. Other habits such as smoking should also be steered clear of. This will help the results of your teeth whitening treatment to last longer.

Surely teeth whitening is a cost effective and time effective treatment which can make a huge positive change on both you and your appearance too. However, it is important for you to realize that the results of the treatment are not simply in the hands of the dentist but it is also dependent on you. Making the results last largely depends on you and how you care of your sparkly new teeth. Adopt good habits and follow your dentist's instructions to make sure you have pearly of teeth for lifetimes to come!

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