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Zoom your way to a sparkling smile with premier teeth whitening Chicago

After Teeth Whitening Chicago, IL (November, 2014) – Do you have an inherent need for speed? Then it might be time to Zoom! Having the fastest car on the road would only lead to trouble (not to mention a gas bill that would empty your wallet at record speed), so, what’s the next best thing? A super smile that can go from zero to seven (shades lighter) in less than an hour!

The aptly named Zoom teeth whitening treatment, available at Big Smile Dental, can put the sparkle back in your pearly whites, in time for that important job interview or big party. The procedure is quick, comfortable, and affordable with immediate results.

How Zoom works

In some ways, bleaching teeth is very much like bleaching your white clothing. No, that doesn’t mean you can rinse with household bleach and de-stain your smile. In fact, many DIY bleaching techniques are unhealthy, ineffective, or both. Professional whitening methods are designed to protect sensitive soft tissue while removing stains with safe and effective ingredients – and Zoom accomplishes this at lightning speed.

The secret to Zoom’s success is light activation. First, the tooth enamel is isolated and then a specially formulated bleaching gel is applied. When the activation light is added, the process kicks into high gear, and the gel has reached optimal performance in about 15 minutes. It is then removed and a fresh layer applied. The process is repeated once more, for a total of three 15-minute sessions. That’s it. In less than an hour, you can Zoom from dingy to dazzling!

Alternative bleaching methods

Zoom is the most requested name in teeth whitening, but it is certainly not the only good option. There are also a number of bad options out there, which is why we have chosen our selection of whitening systems very carefully. Because we know that every patient has unique needs, goals, and preferences, we offer a number of premium teeth bleaching products. Whether you have sensitive teeth, deep stains, or a busy schedule, we will customize your treatment to accommodate you. Just tell us your goals, and let us amaze you!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 .

How Power Whitening Works

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