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All about the Zoom whitening Procedure

Smiling Woman Zoom to a whiter, brighter smile. Have stained, discolored teeth robbed you of your will to smile? Worry no more! With age and lifestyle, your best asset can turn yellow, grey or any color other than that perfect white. You probably hid your smile all this while simply to avoid giving the world a peek at your stained teeth. Now, in just forty five minutes, you can undergo a special procedure that will make you want to smile again.

Choose the safest and easiest cosmetic dental procedure to get that dazzling celebrity smile. This is how it works. You are first gently fitted with a mouth brace, in order to keep your mouth open and comfortable. Your lips and gums are covered, exposing only your teeth to the magic about to unfold. Then, the unique Zoom! Whitening gel is applied on to the surface of your teeth. Next, the special Zoom! light is focused on to the gel. This process is repeated twice over fifteen minute intervals. The two components work together, gently penetrating your teeth and actively breaking up stains and discoloration while you listen to music, watch TV or take a short nap.

The procedure is over before you know it. At the end of forty five minutes, you get to walk away with a smile that's eight shades whiter on average. It is quick and painless, just the way you like it. What's more, the results last for a long time, resisting stains and retaining that dazzling quality. It's an extremely convenient process that brings immediate results; not only is it safe and comfortable, you can rest assured that it can only be performed by a cosmetic dental professional who cares about your smile.

Other teeth whitening procedures exist, like dental trays that you can use at home, whitening strips, gels and toothpastes; but none of them can compare with the success of Zoom! Simply because they all require more time devoted on your part, and even then they bring results that aren't on par with the eight shade improvement average plus they all necessitate repeat treatments in order to maintain an improved shade. The other amazing factor about Zoom! is the fact that unlike most procedures, there is no tooth sensitivity, and has absolutely no adverse impact on the constituent layers of your teeth.

Zoom! is completely safe and effective, and leaves you with a smile that will light up your face, a smile that is eight shades more stunning at the very least!

How Power Whitening Works

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